About Us


A globally renowned brand

Navilux – the very name of this extraordinary yacht alludes to the conceptual idea of creating a luxurious vessel that would push the boundaries in Croatian nautical tourism. We can proudly say that we have come to the accomplishment of that idea, making Navilux synonymous with a luxurious, comfortable and safe cruising of the Adriatic coast, and farther.

With its breathtaking interior as well as exterior space, accompanied by the utmost professionalism of its crew, Navilux has gained a reputation with various clients around the world that always seem to be coming back to it. Year after year, the interest surrounding Navilux is increasing, its quality confirming the status of a world-renowned brand.

We invite you to experience the beauty and the wonders of the Adriatic coast in the luxurious and relaxing ambiance that Navilux provides, being taken great care of by our experienced crew.

The history of the nautical tradition in the Ercegovic family