Dear Eugene and Navilux crew, Thank you all for an unbelievable and unforgettable week! There was never a dull moment on bord. We were always laughing and really enjoyed your company. The rooms were magnificent and the service exceptional. The food was absolutely delicious and the cocktails were definitely strong enough! We are sure that this experience will stay with us for a very long time and we will miss every one of you. Good luck and farewell. Love The Aussie Crew 2012
Thank you for the incredible experience that you provided for us. The cuisine was sublime, the service was exceptional, and the activities filled us with great enjoyment. We felt right at home.
You made this the best vacation I ever had. That is all.
What a incredibly beautiful trip – you all made it very special – thank you!
Thank you. A beautiful boat, beautiful country, a magic voyage. The perfect crew. x.o.
Dear Navilux Crew, Thank you soo much for a amazing time on the boat. I loved dounutting and going on the banana – Aligator boat. Thank you for delicious meals. I have enjoyed this holiday with everyone so much. I rate this boat a 10 / 10 because of the crew and because the boat is just so beautiful and safe. So THANK YOU SOO MUCH! And hopefully next summer we will meet again! From A. (the one who woke up really late) I will miss you all A.
Dear navilux, Thank you so much for making us part of your little family. You made us feel so welcome; we could not have had a more wonderful introduction to your beautiful country. An unforgettable experience. Many Many Many Thanks!
Dear navilux Crew, We had the most amazing 4 days of vacation. Your boat, your staff and your country exceedes our expectations. We will carry these memories for the rest of our lives. You should feel proud of all. We are forever grateful, and we hope to see you again in the future, either in Croatia – or a visit to the Big NYC! With love J., P., B. & J.
Dear Eugene and Crew, Here's to the Navilux! We've had a great trip with the G. and your crew. The boat is beautiful, the country is truelly gorgeous, and the food spectacular! Thanking you!!
Gentilissimo Comandante Eugene, grazie infinire per la splendida ospitalita a bordo di navilux. Non dimenticheremo mai la bellissima esperienza che questo fantastico equipaggio ci ha regalato e saremo felici di raccomandare ai nostri clienti una vacanza da sogno a bordo di navilux.
Thank you for giving us a beautiful introduction to the treasures of Croatia. It's been a wonderful trip and we could not have been in better hands than yours. A special thank you to Dragan, Robert, Ivana, Ante and Sojern. Till soon again!
NAVILUX, Your beautiful yacht with perfect sense of home + luxury always with the caring „family“ crew made our trip to Croatia a trip of a lifetime. May you always find joy in sailing and helping others enjoy and appreciate your croatian culture and hospitality. We will go home and tell all our friends!
Dear Navilux Crew, Thank you so much for an amazing holiday! I had such a great holiday thanks to you and have had memories I will never forget! The food and hospitality have been great and I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic time I had with you! We will never forget our time here and I hope to see you all again! Thank you for everything! Love, S.
Dear Eugen & Crew, thank you all for a "perfect" week in Croatia. The trip was wonderful & we loved the Navilux & all the crew. Croatia is a beautiful country, thanks for showing it to us.